Hello and welcome to our home! I appreciate being able to link up to some great holiday decorating parties and to embrace those not-so-perfect homes like ours. Having 3 big dogs pretty much negates a house full of delicate or luxurious fabrics, pricey knick-knacks, or too much “stuff” on horizontal surfaces. That’s OK by me! […]

Hi again! This is Week 3 of the Fall Nesting Party over at http://www.theinspiredroom.net, and I am having so much fun getting into the spirit of blogging. Since we don’t have a fireplace in this house, I don’t have a mantel to show. However, I do have  some fall touches going on at the front […]

The Issue: In June of 2012, I turned 41. I have slowly noticed my metabolism slowing down, and my transition to a mostly desk job 2 years ago has not helped. At work, we have had  2 or 3 “biggest loser contests” that I have signed up for, but never followed through. I think the last one, […]

I am happy to finally get on board with blogging, even if just to exchange fun decorating ideas and connect with kindred spirits who love spending time at home, making a comfortable nest for their family, and bringing little bits of happy to everyday life. Today I am sharing some Fall touches displayed throughout the […]

This is the final installment of the Fall Nesting series I was inspired to participate in via http://www.theinspiredroom.net. I have had lots of fun so far and hope to continue sharing things that make me happy on a regular basis. Today’s post starts with a heartbreaking story. Every year our tradition is to cut down […]

Fall is a glorious time of year in Pennsylvania! Beautiful crisp cool air, the crunch of leaves and acorns under my feet, festive mums and asters adding a pop of color against bushels of ripe, red apples waiting to be made into warm, delicious treats. What a treat for the senses! Here is my list […]