Happy one month Fitness Anniversary to me!

The Issue:

In June of 2012, I turned 41. I have slowly noticed my metabolism slowing down, and my transition to a mostly desk job 2 years ago has not helped. At work, we have had  2 or 3 “biggest loser contests” that I have signed up for, but never followed through. I think the last one, I didn’t even make it past the second week.

Getting Real:

In September 2012, my best friend at work and I had a frank and honest conversation about our failed weight loss efforts. We admitted that we both can talk a good game, but that we stunk at the follow through. We lamented the fact that we had no motivation, no one pushing us to get off our asses and do something. We confronted our fears that we would just continue on in the “slowly gaining” path, until one day we would both wonder how we got so big, and just give up any hopes of getting fit again.

Let go of the Excuses

Reaching within:

That conversation with her sparked something in me. Once I admitted out loud to another person how much of a failure I felt like, and how disappointed I was with myself for letting the weight creep on, it’s like a switch went off in my head. My “A Ha!” moment… finally. I found this internet image very motivating, and it hangs by my desk where I can look at it frequently:

My daily motivation

We resigned ourselves to a plan to work together, support eachother, and provide support as we re-commit ourselves to losing weight and becoming fit before it’s too late. We are tracking our food using the Weight Watchers Points Plus system, and we have a standing meeting each week to close the door to the office and review eachother’s tracking lists for the previous week. We each weigh in at home once a week, and report to eachother how much we lost. We nag eachother to work out and send motivational emails when one wants to cave in and eat chocolate, etc.

Believe it or not.. it’s working! For both of us!! I am happy to report that I have jogged 32.5 miles and lost 6.8 lbs in this first month. I rewarded myself with a new pair of running shoes…a small, motivational investment in my future of fitness. Go me !!

New running shoes


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